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Adapting To A New Normal After COVID-19: A Retail Perspective
How has the coronavirus permanently changed retail? In this webinar, Omnia Retail’s Founder and CEO Sander Roose uses data to show what’s happened across the market and where we’re headed in the future. Based on this ...
1 min
illustration of jewelry in a shopping cart
Pricing Strategies
What is a Value Based Pricing Strategy?
Out of the “basic” pricing strategies, value-based pricing is one of the harder to pull together. It requires deep research into your target ...
4 min
Meet the Team: Vanessa Verlaan
For this month’s Meet the Team blog, we’re excited (and honored!) to introduce you to Vanessa Verlaan, Omnia’s new Operations Director. Vanessa has ...
8 min
Dynamic Pricing
What is Stock-Based Pricing?
Last week, as a response to the coronavirus, we offered some pricing advice to our customers: use stock levels as a way to prevent unintentional ...
4 min
About Omnia
A Letter to our Customers and Partners
Dear customers and partners,    You have millions of things to worry about right now. I am here to assure you that the Omnia pricing software is not ...
4 min
How the Coronavirus Will Affect Retail
  The impact of COVID-19 on business is still largely unknown. The situation across countries continues to change almost daily.  But one thing is ...
7 min

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