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Pricing Strategies
What is Bundle Pricing?
When it comes to online shopping, bundle pricing is ubiquitous. This pricing method is extremely popular amongst Internet retailers, and for good ...
4 min
illustration of two hair dryers on sale for twenty and twenty-two Euro
Pricing Strategies
What is Cost Plus Pricing?
When you produce a product, it costs your company a certain amount of money.
4 min
About Omnia
Meet the Team: Niels Botman
Whether car camping in Namibia, speeding around Medemblik, or in his work at Omnia, Niels Botman, our Product Business Analyst, has a keen sense of ...
2 min
Pricing Strategies
What is Penetration Pricing?
Have you ever asked “what is penetration pricing?” If so, you’re not alone. In this article (part of our continued pricing strategies series), we’ll ...
3 min

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