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The Omnia Management Team is Expanding
  Exciting news: we're expanding our management team. We're delighted to welcome Nathan Johnstone, Haiko Krumm, and Sjoerd Prins to the leadership team.
Dynamic Pricing
Why Dynamic Pricing is Less Risky Than You Think
Dynamic pricing does come with some risk.    But that risk isn’t actually all that big. In fact, compared to the rewards that come with dynamic ...
7 min
About Omnia
Meet the Team: Nathan Johnstone
This week in our Meet the Team series, we’re featuring Nathan Johnstone, Omnia’s Chief Architect and Oceania continent expert. A proud Kiwi with an ...
3 min
Dynamic Pricing
What is Charm Pricing?
When I was a kid, I used to love weekends because I didn’t have a bedtime. Instead, I’d stay up as late as I wanted, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to ...
5 min
About Omnia
New Case Study with Profile
How do you build a stable pricing strategy in an industry that's rapidly changing? That's the challenge Profile faced when they first approached ...

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