Customer Success Case

How Omnia helped Windeln save time

Summary SE is one of the leading online retailers for family products in Europe. The company has a broad product portfolio including diapers, baby food, children's furniture, toys, clothes, strollers, and more.

In order to stay competitive in a rapid marketplace, Windeln knew it needed a tool to help manage its online prices. After finding Omnia, the company improved its internal operations and reduced the amount of time the company wasted on manual price checks.

The software saved the pricing teams 10+ hours each week and gave them the free time they needed to focus on profitable growth strategies. With this new free time, Windeln generated 2%-3% more gross margin and 10% more net revenue in less than one quarter.

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Windeln was founded in 2010 to give new parents everything they need to make their baby’s life better.

Since then, the company has grown into one of the leading specialist retailers in baby products in Europe and has expanded to Asia as well. With over 50,000 products across 7 countries, Windeln has a broad product portfolio that includes diapers, baby food, children's furniture, toys, clothes, strollers, and more.

Managing such a store is no easy task, and Windeln knew that something needed to change in order to stay competitive. Windeln had a clear understanding that pricing was of greatest strategic importance in their growth plan. But the company had a few key struggles in their pricing department.

First and foremost, Windeln struggled with operational efficiency and employee frustration. Windeln employees, who were spending 2-3 hours per day manually checking and adjusting prices, were understandably frustrated by the robotic process. Checking prices was a painful process that left employees disgruntled, but it was something that needed to be done.

This process was also inefficient and didn’t push Windeln forward towards its growth goals. If employees and category managers spent 10+ hours each week manually checking prices, they were wasting 25% of their time chasing the market, not focused on charting a new course.


Coming from Amazon, I know that pricing is of great strategic importance in terms of customer trust, revenue and profits.

Matthias Peuckert, CEO at SE

After careful consideration, Windeln decided it needed a tool to alleviate employee dissatisfaction and improve pricing efficiency at the same time. It also needed to be a tool that could work in different countries and across markets.

Selection process

Windeln took the process of finding the right dynamic pricing tool seriously, as the company knew the tool was critical to its overall commercial success. But there were a few key things the Windeln team knew would set the right company apart from the rest: a customer success mindset, expertise, and the features of the tool itself.


The winning argument for Omnia at the end of the day was really the combination out of price crawling, pricing elasticity, and the user interface was also very convenient.

Matthias Peuckert, CEO at SE

Windeln felt that the features of Omnia far exceeded the features of other dynamic pricing tools. The full end-to-end automation also made Omnia stand out from the crowd. The Dynamic Pricing tool automatically gathers market pricing data multiple times per day, then combines these insights with price elasticity and Windeln’s commercial strategy to calculate fresh, optimized prices that are consistently at market level. The software will then automatically updates these prices on the Windeln webshop and relevant comparison shopping engines. Windeln estimated this whole process would save each employee responsible for pricing 2-3 hours per day.

With that new free time, category managers could monitor the market through Omnia’s easy-to-understand online portal, which Windeln felt was the most user-friendly option on the market.

Finally, Windeln was impressed by Omnia’s expertise and honesty in explaining Dynamic Pricing.

The combination of these is what ultimately drove Windeln to Omnia, noting Omnia’s unique culture, strategic focus, and straightforward communication as key reasons for the choice.

Implementation, consultancy, and support

After deciding to work with Omnia, Windeln worked with Omnia Consultant Hidde Roeloffs Valk to get the system up and running. After 5 weeks, the system was fully operational and integrated into Windeln workflows.


To set up the rules took us about half a day because once we had our pricing strategy defined internally, it was very easy to set those rules up in the Omnia console.

Florian Fischer, Category Leader at SE


Within one quarter of implementation, Omnia helped employees on Windeln pricing teams save 40+ hours each month in manual price checking and adjustments.

This reduced the amount of frustrating manual labor and opened up doors to creativity and strategic thinking. With 10-15 extra hours each week — and the market data within the Omnia portal — Windeln pricing teams focused on creating strategic pricing strategies, not chasing the market. The teams could then use the Omnia tool to execute these new strategies. The new, agile system gave Windeln better insights into its own market and helped the company understand which pricing strategies worked and which strategies didn’t. This helped Windeln strengthen its competitive advantage and become a leader in the marketplace.

In less than 3 months, Windeln...


+40 hrs

Saved per month per employee


2% - 3% increase

In gross margin


+10% uplift

In net revenue


Windeln wanted to grow through the power of pricing, and Omnia was the tool to help the company achieve its goals. And the results speak for themselves. Within 3 months, Windeln had saved 100+ hours of manual labor, increased revenues by +10%, and generated 2%-3% more gross margin. Company employees no longer had to waste time on the tedious work of manually updating prices, and could instead focus on what drove business forward and strategically growing categories.


I wouldn’t want to work at the company without Omnia.

Florian Fischer, Category Leader at SE