Feed Manager

Advertise your products on all relevant marketing channels with ease

Omnia's Feed Manager allows retailers to manage their marketing channels using data from sources Omnia is connected with: internal data, Google Analytics data, Google AdWords and other marketing channels - any data source can be integrated with the Feed Manager

Quick and easy set-up

  • Link and use multiple feeds as input for Feed Manager with one click.
  • Easily create new marketing channels with Feed Manager’s pre-populated channel templates.
  • Map your custom and dynamic variables using formulas.





 Enrich and optimize your feed content

  • Use as many internal and external data sources you want as input for the Feed Manager. Even add the weather forecast using APIs.
  • Easily use the internal and external data top optimize your feed content, with our extensive formula editor. The formula editor contains functions such as IF statements, algebraic functions and string functions. 
  • Using filters, you can easily filter out any undesirable products in your feed, based on any of the imported data. 
  • Optimize your feed content by selecting the top products of a category, such as select the top 10 selling products per brand. 


With Omnia, you can optimize your feed content even further by using competitor pricing variables from Pricewatch

  • Exclude products that have a price position of higher than 5 (meaning are there more than 4 cheaper competitors).
  • Only include products that have a price ratio of less than 1.20 (meaning your price is lower than 20% above the average competitor price).
  • Include “Lowest price guaranteed” in product name or description only if there is no cheaper competitor.

Learn more about the Pricewatch module

Flexible in every aspect

  • Update your feeds any moment your want: select weekly, daily or hourly synchronization.
  • Export feeds to FTP, e-mail, or publish to a direct link.
  • Track and analyze clicks, costs and downloads of the published feed and have a clear overview of all your data using the Performance module.


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Testimonial Feed Manager Omnia Retail - Stijn Verstappen

Stijn Verstappen - Online Marketing Specialist at Fietsenwinkel.nl

With Omnia's Feed Manager you can easily select and export all the right products to any feed, for internal as well as external marketing channels.

Do you want to move beyond managing marketing channels by setting filters and start using automated bid management?

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