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Use software to connect your pricing and marketing teams

Your pricing and your marketing are inherently connected, and your price is the biggest influencer or your overall online marketing effectiveness. That's because in the age of e-commerce, price is increasingly the only differentiator between your business and your competition.

But how do you make sure your pricing and marketing work together to help you drive more traffic, earn more sales, and grow more profitably? Especially when your pricing and marketing teams have thousands (if not millions ) of products to manage?

This is where software can help. With the Full Suite you can use every tool in the Omnia toolkit to get the most holistic picture of your entire assortment then optimize and automate your pricing and marketing strategies, all in just a few clicks.

4 reasons to connect your pricing and marketing

Rank higher on comparison shopping engines

Your product’s rank on comparison shopping engines is determined by a few things: your marketing bids, click-through-rate, quality score, and price. When you connect your pricing and marketing with Omnia, you can make sure all these moving parts work together to get the best rank possible.

Get more clicks

Get more clicks

Since price is increasingly the most important factor to consumers, the price will display massively affect your marketing efforts. Rather than guessing whether clicks are a result of a low price or high marketing spend, automatically optimize and adjust your bids for the best balance between the two.

Increase conversion rates

Increase conversion rates

With connected pricing and marketing, your products will do double duty: not only will you rank higher and draw in more clicks, but you’ll also win key conversions from consumers ready to buy.

Boost your marketing budget

Boost your marketing budget

Price determine your product margin...which determines your product's marketing budget. When you connect your pricing and marketing you'll be able to optimize your prices for higher returns on your marketing investments, and pull more money in for marketing budgets.

Save Time
Save time

Automate any strategy you want in just a few clicks. You’ll get all the data, insights, and information you need delivered straight to you in one easy-to-use portal.

Take control
Take control

Get a complete overview of what’s happening in your assortment, as well as the ability to set any strategy you want.

Drive profitable growth
Drive profitable growth

Build higher quality strategies that bolster your pricing and marketing efforts and eliminate costly and inefficient campaigns.

The performance of Omnia exceeded our expectations, both on our marketing and pricing strategy.

Jesper Elders Marketing Manager Decathlon NL

Make your online store work for you, not against you

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