Customer Success Case


Who is Decathlon?

Decathlon S.A. is a French sporting goods retailer. With over 1400 stores in 45 countries, it is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world.

The Challenge

How do you reach rapid growth in a crowded marketplace? Decathlon NL asked itself this question in 2015, and ultimately found Omnia as a solution.

When Decathlon entered the Dutch market, it had ambitious goals: the company wanted to be known as the best value-for-money sports retailer in the country, and grow rapidly while remaining profitable.

Decathlon had a detailed plan for its growth, but lacked the technical and operational tools necessary to reach its goals. The company chose Omnia’s software to bridge this gap.

Omnia helped us set up our omnichannel strategy for both pricing and marketing. Their product-focused and data-driven approach allowed us to reach our ambitious growth goals in a highly targeted way.

Laurens Spiele, E-commerce Director at Decathlon NL

The Solution

Decathlon NL used Omnia’s products to automate its pricing and optimize online marketing. In addition to daily monitoring of pricing data with Pricewatch, Decathlon used Dynamic Pricing to automatically adjust prices according to its strategy.

Decathlon saw the value of prices beyond just margin optimization though. As a retailer with a strong omnichannel presence, it knew that pricing was just the start. To take its growth plan even further, Decathlon used the pricing insights generated by Omnia to inform its marketing strategy, buying strategy, and more.

Running gear at Decathlon

The Results

With Omnia’s complete pricing and marketing automation software, Decathlon NL executed its aggressive value-for-money strategy with stellar results:


20+ hrs saved

Each month with the automation of routine tasks


+90% additional revenue

in-store on strategically marketed Google Shopping ads


+80% increase in CVR

on dynamically priced products

The performance of Omnia far exceeded our expectations.

Jesper Elders, Marketing Manager at Decathlon NL


Decathlon NL’s success is a direct result of its detailed pricing and marketing strategies, but Omnia gave the company the tools to ensure that strategy became a success. The company was able to outperform its own goal to double its growth, and has secured its price perception as the best value-for-money sports retailer in the Netherlands.

Woman checking out in Decathlon store