Meet the Team: Esther de Winter

Today’s post is part of a new series called “Meet the Omnia Team,” in which we interview some of our colleagues. We’re starting with Esther de Winter, our Marketing Manager, communications queen, and in-house Nutella ... Read more

How Retail Seasonality is Changing

The seasons have always been a powerful influencer of retail, but do they still matter with the rise of e-commerce? In short: yes, the seasons still influence retail. Though the type of influence is changing ... Read more

4 Categories Where Dynamic Pricing is on the Rise

As mobile shopping, the demand for omnichannel experiences, and the number of products increases across retail categories, so does the need for dynamic pricing to manage it. With roughly 20% of all retail purchases in ... Read more

Our Year in Review: 2018 at Omnia Retail

It's a month into 2019, but things are moving fast here at Omnia. This is set to be a year of immense growth — and for you that means new features, better usability of the tool, and even more insights into your pricing ... Read more

3 Ways Retailers Can Prepare For Valentine's Day

It’s almost February, which means the first major retail holiday in many countries is just a few short weeks away.   Valentine’s Day, which dates all the way back to Roman traditions, is a holiday devoted to love, ... Read more

How to Build a Pricing Strategy

This week we have a guest post from Johan Maessen, owner of Commercieel Verbeteren. Johan has over 10 years of experience in strategy consulting, and works tirelessly to help businesses grow with deliberate, strategic ... Read more

What is a High-Runner Strategy?

How do companies like Amazon maintain such a huge market share and keep their prices low without losing profits?   The answer is in their pricing strategy. Amazon — and many other organizations that seem to offer low ... Read more

How to Win at Omnichannel Retail

The rise of omnichannel is one of the most significant revolutions in the retail industry. Read more

How to Define Your Commercial Objective

In our blog Five Steps to Successfully Implement Dynamic Pricing, we encouraged you to start by defining your company’s commercial objective.   But how do you determine your business goals? And how do those goals relate ... Read more

How to Test the Effectiveness of Your Online Pricing

“Testing” is a buzzword in the world of online work. If you have a company that interacts with customers in the digital sphere, it’s likely that you want to consider testing in some form. And that’s a good thing. ... Read more