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Improve your knowledge of the pricing, e-commerce and retail arenas with our mecca of information and content. From thought-provoking articles on the retail and e-commerce industry to client success stories to collaborative events, we’ve gathered some of the best resources in the pricing industry to help you move your business forward. 

Case Study BCC

As one of the Netherlands’ largest electronics retailers, BCC improved their profits through the use of Omnia’s Dynamic Pricing software and insights, providing them with the ability to increase their e-commerce price changes by up to six times per day.

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Case Study Profile

Profile took its integration with Omnia as a chance to improve its pricing strategy — making the organization significantly more sophisticated in an industry threatened by undercutting pure players.

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Case Study Electronic Partner

EP: developed a pricing strategy with guidelines to help entrepreneurs compete online, and the next step was finding the right tools to expand the strategy to the online platform.

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Case Study HP

Yves van Knippenbergh knows the value of data better than anyone else. As Head of E-commerce at HP Netherlands, Yves depends on accurate data to build strategies. In fact, Yves values data so much that he even tested two different price comparison engines: Omnia, & another price comparison source.

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Case Study Philips

Philips is using Omnia to gather retail prices and automate pricing for its Direct-To-Consumer shop globally and enforce commercial policy

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7 Ways Pricing Insights make Your Job More Fun

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As a whole, our dynamic pricing tool will organise, manage and optimise the pricing strategy of even the largest and most intricate of product assortments. Increase profits and decrease time spent on repricing by choosing an end-to-end automated system that’s continuously optimising, flexible, tried and tested.