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Understanding and Using Market Penetration Strategies
Did you start a brand to see it lose momentum or market share to competitors? It’s a silly question to ask owners yet a number of brands make mistakes within their chosen market. At times, it’s not a matter of what ...
About Omnia
Meet the Team: Saskia
Name: Saskia Zoe Mueller-Herbst Company Role: Junior Consultant 
Pricing Strategies
Business Guide to Predatory Pricing
In 2010, gained momentum with its combination of e-commerce and pricing. Rumours report that Amazon previously tried to buy the diaper ...
Pricing Strategies
What is MAP Pricing?
A fundamental part of e-commerce (or really commerce itself) is the idea of competition. Competition is healthy and is the key thing that protects ...
7 min
About Omnia
Meet the Team: Martijn Crooijmans
In this edition of Meet the Team we have Martijn Crooijmans in the starring role. Martijn is one of our fresh Junior Consultants within our new ...
2 min
Amazon is closing in on Dutch competitors
In short: Web giant Amazon is putting Dutch web stores under pressure with rock bottom prices. Thousands of popular products are 7% to almost 18% ...
5 min min

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