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    • Access to our competitor pricing data base

    • Match your full assortment on EAN or GTIN

    • Multiple sources ensure high-quality data, great coverage with a high match rate

    • Save 10+ hours each week manually checking competitor prices

    • Get real competitive insights worth €10,000

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Nobody wants to manually check competitor prices to ensure your price is up to date. I wouldn't want to work in the company without having Omnia.


Save time

Know every price on the market without the hard work of searching. Instead, get your competitor’s prices delivered straight to you and save an average of 40 hours each month.

Regain control

Centralize your internal information, gather external pricing data, and view historical trends to understand where you stand compared to the rest of the pack. Pricewatch gives you the information you need for a better overview of your assortment.

Drive profitable growth

Use your market knowledge to design data-fueled pricing strategies for every single product in your store. When you add Dynamic Pricing to the mix, you can even deploy those strategies automatically throughout the day.

Five reasons to choose Pricewatch

1. The most comprehensive data on the market

Pricewatch pulls competitor pricing data from two sources: directly from your competition’s website and indirectly from comparison shopping engines. This ensures you not only great data coverage, but you also know which of your competitors' offers are actually advertised on key orientation channels.

2. Combined market insights and internal data

Open new opportunities by combining internal data with external pricing information. Incorporate your purchase price, stock level, and sales data with competitor prices (or even the weather forecast) to build a better strategy for your organization.






3. Product-level tracking

With Pricewatch, you know what’s happening across your whole shop and the market. Omnia can match products across all developed e-commerce markets so you always know where you stand compared to your competition.

4. Multiple daily updates

Stay up to date on what your competition is doing with automatic updates delivered straight to you, then use the data to adjust your prices and stay aligned with your commercial strategy.






5. Simple (but powerful) information

Get all the data you need automatically delivered to an easy-to-use online portal, then use the raw information in any way you like. Pricewatch exports in multiple formats and has no limits on how you use your data.