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Why Omnia:

What can Omnia offer you?

  • With our Pricing Strategy Tree feature, you can effortlessly examine, comprehend, establish, and modify any aspect of your pricing strategy with unprecedented ease. This empowers pricing or category managers to enforce pricing rules without requiring IT or web development expertise.
  • The Pricing Tree we offer provides complete adaptability and customisation for various types of product assortments.
  • Omnia sets itself apart with our exclusive Customer Success team. Every client enjoys the support and direction of their own dedicated Customer Success team, ensuring that your strategy aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.


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  • Our pricing data stands out as one of the finest available in the market. It comprises direct data acquisition from your competitors, marketplaces, and comparison shopping engines (CSEs), delivering an in-depth and all-encompassing perspective on how your pricing strategy is performing in practice.
  • Utilise the "Show Me Why" button to gain insight into the rationale behind pricing rule settings. This feature ensures that all team members can gain a comprehensive grasp of the strategy, thereby enhancing pricing knowledge.
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Key Features:

Competitor Tracking

  • Omnia’s collection of data includes in-house scraping from marketplaces, CSEs and any online store that is a competitor of yours
  • Set a flexible scraping schedule for your competitor’s prices or promotional offers so that you don’t miss when their products go on sale
  • Set pricing rules that take into consideration your competitor’s prices so that you don’t go higher or lower
  • Enjoy full coverage of the global market, and your entire assortment, no matter how small or large
  • Export pricing data from Omnia’s competitor tracking tool for further analysis

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