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Omnia has partnered with the leading consultants, technology platforms and e-commerce organisations, to ensure your business maximises value from pricing.

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Our obsession with excellence, being one of our core values, means we’re always striving to build successful long-term relationships with our clients. By strategically choosing to partner with companies who operate in tech, e-commerce and retail, we’re expanding our network to offer more to our clients.


1. Affiliates & Partners

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner allows businesses in technology and software around the world to make use of Microsoft’s services and products, including cloud services and software applications.

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Gartner is a comparison platform for enterprises in the technology software sector. Reviews are given by users, providing firsthand experience of a product or service.

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Horváth is a multinational consultancy firm situated across Europe and the USA. Specializing in performance pricing management and transformation, with distinct financial expertise, implementation prowess, backing from data science, and unique system specialities. Horváth empowers clients to enhance their pricing functions for future profitability and growth.

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G2 is a leading software aggregator which provides reviews, comparisons and information for business-to-business partnerships and services. Reviews are given by users, providing firsthand experience of a product or service.

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Capterra is a software comparison platform that provides businesses looking for user experience, infographics, ratings and reviews for business software.

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Commercieel verbteren

Commercieel Verbeteren supports small-to-medium enterprises in improving their business strategies based on more than 10 years of experience in business strategy.

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Kearney is a global management consulting firm that works with businesses with IT and software products or services at their core. Kearney works to achieve commercial and strategic goals set out by their clients, including governments, non-profits and private companies.

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Displaydata is the leading designer and producer of electronic shelf labels and associated software programs for brands and retailers.

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Adwise is a full-service internet marketing agency specialising in strategy, online marketing and web development.

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Intershop is an e-commerce company offering business-to-business solutions in cloud services. Intershop helps online stores manage and streamline their business.

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2. Software Integrations


Shopware is Germany’s most well-known and popular shop system for e-commerce businesses who want to create direct-to-consumer online stores. Shopware is a tool and a system for brands and retailers to market and sell their products online.

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plentyMarkets is a shop system for direct-to-consumer e-commerce businesses that specialise in an omnichannel sales strategy.

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One of the most popular shop systems worldwide, Shopify is a complete solution for brands and retailers who want to create an online store, market their product, manage communications with customers, and utilise insights for strategy.

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JTL is a German shop system solution, offering software products for e-commerce businesses.

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Microtech, a German company, offers ERP and shop system solutions for brands and retailers in e-commerce, specialising in the delivery, supply chain and stock levels aspects.

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Magento is a shop system and product from Adobe that is used as an integration into e-commerce online stores. The software offers website managers unique features that improve an online store’s offering to shoppers.

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3. National and international E-Commerce Organisations

E-Commerce Europe

E-commerce Europe represents the interests and advancements of the e-commerce community as a whole across Europe. The organisation represents more than 150,000 businesses in online retail regarding legislation that is aimed at improving a sales framework for vendors and shoppers alike.

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Bevh is an e-commerce and mail order association in Germany that provides information to e-commerce businesses and employees, networking events, and access to studies. It also acts as a representative for all members of the e-commerce trading sector regarding best practices, legislation, and more.

Learn more (Netherlands) is the leading inspirational e-commerce network in the Netherlands that helps stores and e-retailers that sell products and/or services, businesses and their employees to be more successful. To improve our offering to our Dutch clients, Omnia has joined as a business partner. Being a part of this organisation allows us access to market research and an annual certification that solidifies our standing with Dutch e-retailers.

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Dedicated to the growth of eCommerce, IMRG is helping retailers and brands who sell online to better understand and improve their online performance. IMRG is the UK’s largest eCommerce membership community. Working with IMRG will boost our internal knowledge of trends, changes and issues within retail and e-commerce.

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Benefits of partnering with Omnia:

  • Improve your pricing maturity and your overall knowledge of pricing strategies, repricing, dynamic pricing and more
  • We’ll be your first and only expert for all of your pricing questions
  • Gain access to a larger network of retail and e-commerce brands and retailers
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