Implement a repricing strategy that’s geared towards e-commerce success.

Omnia’s repricing tool automatically increases or decreases your assortment’s prices to keep you achieving your commercial goals.

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Why Omnia:

Our key features in a nutshell:

  • By using our Pricing Strategy Tree function, you can effortlessly execute, configure, and modify any aspect of your pricing strategy more conveniently than ever before. This empowers pricing and category managers to apply pricing rules without the necessity of IT or web development skills.  
  • Furthermore, our Pricing Tree affords complete adaptability and customisation for a wide array of product assortments.
  • Omnia's distinctive offering includes our dedicated Customer Success team. Every client is paired with their own Customer Success manager, who offers assistance and guidance in the application of your strategy.


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  • Our pricing data stands out as among the finest in the market. Comprised of direct data extraction from your competitors, marketplaces, and comparison shopping engines (CSEs), our data involves a detailed and all-encompassing insight into the implementation of your pricing strategy.
  • Employ the "Show me Why" button to gain insight into the reasons behind pricing recommendations. This feature enables all team members to gain a comprehensive grasp of the strategy, thereby promoting the development of pricing expertise.
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Key Features:

Multiple Price Changes Per Day

  • Based on market behaviour, competition, volume and other factors, Omnia’s repricing tool automatically increases or decreases your product’s prices
  • A curated solution for SMBs and enterprises with even the most complex or unique product assortments
  • Our repricing solution is able to react efficiently and seamlessly to market changes, including your competitors and valued resellers
  • Set pricing rules on a product or category level with flexibility and change them with ease and speed with our Pricing Strategy Tree

End-to-end Automation

  • No more time wasted on manually repricing your assortment. Automation executes your entire pricing strategy
  • Automation safeguards, based on business rules, are independently set, such as keeping a minimum and maximum price for a certain product

Quality Data

  • In-house direct scraping combined with CSE and marketplace data provides you with the most informed insights and pricing data on the market
  • Set a flexible scraping schedule for your competitor’s prices or promotional offers

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