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Why Omnia:

Partnering with Omnia Retail provides you with unique features you won't find anywhere else:

  • Using our new Pricing Strategy Tree function, you’ll be able to view, understand, set and change any part of your pricing strategy easier than before and at the click of a button. This allows pricing or category managers to implement pricing rules without needing IT or web development skills.
  • Our Pricing Tree also allows for total flexibility and curation for any kind of assortment.
  • Customised support: Each customer has a dedicated Customer Success team that provides guidance and answers all of your queries with knowledge and initiative.


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  • Our data remains the highest quality in the market: Made up of direct scraping from your competitors, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines (CSEs).
  • Use the “Show Me Why” button to understand every element of your strategy. This button explains each moving branch of it, further driving pricing maturity.
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Key Features:

Competitor Pricing Data

  • Omnia’s collection of data includes in-house scraping from marketplaces, CSEs and any online store that is a competitor of yours
  • Our data and insights, provided to you, are the cleanest and most vetted in the industry thanks to robust testing standards, multiple price checks per day and a dedicated team of pricing experts
  • Domestic and international oversight, giving you full coverage of the global market. Enjoy full coverage over your entire assortment, no matter how small or large
  • Set a flexible scraping schedule for your competitor’s prices or promotional offers so that you don’t miss when their products go on sale
  • Export pricing data from Omnia’s comparison tool for further analysis

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