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Why Omnia is the best choice:

Partnering with Omnia Retail to execute your pricing strategy means your business will receive key features that are bespoke to us:

  • Using our new Pricing Strategy Tree function, you’ll be able to view, understand, set and change any part of your pricing strategy easier than before and at the click of a button. This allows pricing or category managers to implement pricing rules without needing IT or web development skills.   
  • Additionally, our Pricing Strategy Tree allows for total flexibility and curation for any kind of assortment.
  • Unique to Omnia is our Customer Success team. Each customer has a dedicated Customer Success team that provides support and guidance on applying your strategy to meet your commercial goals. 
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  • Our pricing data is notably one of the best in the market. Made up of direct scraping from your competitors, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines (CSEs), our data provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the execution of your pricing strategy. 
  • Use the “Show Me Why” button to see why prices have been advised based on rules that have been set. This button allows all team members to fully understand the strategy, and explain each moving branch of it, which further drives pricing maturity. 
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Key Features

End-to-end Automation

  • Automation executes your entire pricing strategy
  • Time spent on manual price updates can be moved to growth and strategy
  • Automation safeguards based on business rules are independently set such as keeping a minimum and maximum price for a certain product

Pricing Power in Your Hands

  • Add and automate pricing strategies with ease using our intuitive tools, blending business rules and advanced ML/AI algorithms for optimal results.
  • Enjoy complete flexibility and transparency when adjusting or replicating existing approaches with our innovative Pricing Strategy Tree feature.
  • Gain full visibility across your pricing landscape, allowing you to stay on top of what's running at all times.
  • Set pricing rules on a product or category level with flexibility and speed

Quality Data

  • In-house scraping of major comparison shopping engines and marketplaces, combined with direct scraping of retailer websites provides you with the highest quality data and market insights.
  • Set a flexible scraping schedule for your competitor’s prices or promotional offers

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