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Gain price intelligence to maximise profits with Omnia’s price monitoring software.

With quality market insights and price-scraping data, learn about your competitor’s or resellers’ prices to drive impactful strategic decisions for your business.

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Why Omnia:

Partnering with Omnia Retail means your business will receive key features that are bespoke to us:

  • Our pricing data is notably one of the best in the market. Made up of direct scraping from your competitors, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines (CSEs), our data provides a detailed and comprehensive overview for your pricing needs.  
  • Unique to Omnia is our Customer Success team. Each customer has a dedicated Customer Success team that provides support and guidance on how to get the best out of your monitoring results to execute your pricing strategy.
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Key Features:

Price Monitoring

  • Our software tracks and collects pricing data on your competitor’s or resellers’ prices
  • Our data and insights are made up of scraping from comparison shopping engines (CSEs), marketplaces or directly from online stores
  • By using the GTIN, ASIN or any other product identification method of your items, Omnia’s solution will find every product’s prices on the web within seconds

From Monitoring to Execution

  • Based on market behaviour, competition, volume and other factors, Omnia’s price monitoring is the baseline for the execution of your pricing strategies
  • With the seamless combination of price monitoring and dynamic pricing, you are able to react efficiently and seamlessly to market changes
  • Set pricing rules on a product or category level with flexibility and change them with ease and speed within Omnia’s Pricing Strategy Tree

End-to-end Automation

  • No more time wasted on manually researching your assortment’s market prices. Automation executes your entire market monitoring for further processes
  • Blacklisting, whitelisting and many more filter options help the software to only find the relevant offer prices of your competitors or resellers
  • No more time wasted vetting your product list. Instead, use intelligent filters and settings to continuously improve processes on a single product and category level or your entire assortment

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