Price monitoring software

Gain price intelligence to maximise profits with Omnia’s price monitoring software.

With quality market insights and price-scraping data, learn about your competitor’s or resellers’ prices to drive impactful strategic decisions for your business.

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Why Omnia:

What are the key price monitoring benefits of Omnia's software?

  • Our pricing data is what makes Omnia a cut above the rest. We employ direct scraping capabilities from your competitors, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines (CSEs), allowing our data to provide specific and comprehensive information for your pricing goals.  
  • Software without support is not a partnership. Each customer will have the guidance of their own Customer Success team which specifically works to help execute your price monitoring strategy.
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Key Features:

Price Monitoring

  • Our software tracks and collects pricing data on your competitor’s or resellers’ prices
  • Our data and insights are made up of scraping from comparison shopping engines (CSEs), marketplaces or directly from online stores
  • By using the GTIN, ASIN or any other product identification method of your items, Omnia’s solution will find every product’s prices on the web within seconds

From Monitoring to Execution

  • Based on market behaviour, competition, volume and other factors, Omnia’s price monitoring is the baseline for the execution of your pricing strategies
  • With the seamless combination of price monitoring and dynamic pricing, you are able to react efficiently and seamlessly to market changes
  • Set pricing rules on a product or category level with flexibility and change them with ease and speed within Omnia’s Pricing Strategy Tree

End-to-end Automation

  • No more time wasted on manually researching your assortment’s market prices. Automation executes your entire market monitoring for further processes
  • Blacklisting, whitelisting and many more filter options help the software to only find the relevant offer prices of your competitors or resellers
  • No more time wasted vetting your product list. Instead, use intelligent filters and settings to continuously improve processes on a single product and category level or your entire assortment

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