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Create and build any pricing strategy utilising dynamic pricing, automation and market insights.

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Why Omnia:

What makes Omnia's pricing software the best on the market?

  • Using our new Pricing Strategy Tree function, you’ll be able to create, edit and understand your pricing strategy easier than before. Without IT skills needed, pricing or category managers can implement pricing rules seamlessly.
  • Our Pricing Tree also allows for total flexibility and curation for any kind of assortment, allowing brands and enterprises of any size to enjoy our software's benefits.
  • Every team needs support, and that's where our dedicated Customer Success team comes in. Omnia provides support and guidance to each customer on their pricing journey.


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  • We believe our revolutionary software is only as powerful as its data which we collect from direct scraping of competitors, marketplaces and comparison shopper engines (CSEs). Executing your pricing strategy has never been more sophisticated.
  • Our new “Show Me Why” button allows all team members to fully understand the strategy, and explains each moving part of it.
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Key Features:

Pricing Software

  • A comprehensive and powerful system that’s built to achieve your commercial goals by constantly optimising your product’s prices. Developed for SMBs and enterprises with even the most complex or unique product assortments
  • Implementing tactics and rules, automation and AI, our pricing software is a one-stop-shop for your pricing strategy as well as your e-commerce team

Price Monitoring

  • Our software tracks and collects pricing data on your competitor’s or resellers’ prices
  • Our data and insights are made up of scraping from comparison shopping engines (CSEs), marketplaces or directly from online stores
  • By using the GTIN, ASIN or any other product identification method of your items, Omnia’s solution will find every product’s prices on the web within seconds

Dynamic Pricing

  • Based on market behaviour, competition, volume and other factors, our pricing tool can be set up to automatically increases or decreases your product’s prices from your shop portal and integrate with your ERP. This is the power of dynamic pricing
  • The software is able to react efficiently and seamlessly to market changes, including your competitors and valued resellers
  • Set pricing rules on a product or category level with flexibility and change them with ease and speed with our Pricing Strategy Tree
  • Our enterprise functionality provides a flexible and scalable pricing platform

End-to-end Automation

  • Employees no longer have to manually update prices, which means time can be utilised more effectively. Automation executes your entire pricing strategy.
  • Business rules, such as keeping a minimum and maximum price for a certain product, are also executed automatically

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