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Mission + Vision

When Omnia Retail was founded just over a decade ago, the industry of dynamic pricing software was in its infancy. In other words, our founders were not only building Omnia from scratch but the industry as a whole.

Combining the ambitions and expertise of one retail software engineer and another strategy consultant, Omnia created its vision and mission: To provide enterprises and small-to-medium businesses with a tool that manages their pricing strategies and grows their profit margins.

In essence, we give retailers and brands superpowers by unleashing the full potential of pricing data through market data, insights and automation.


In 2021, Omnia acquired Patagona, a pricing SaaS company in Germany, helping us forge our way forward as we grew in size, location and in our product offering. 

Today, direct-to-consumer brands and retailers across Europe are empowered with the support, insight and know-how to seamlessly implement their commercial strategies.

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Founder and CEO

Before founding Omnia Retail, Sander began his career at Procter & Gamble and then, later on, spent time as a retail strategy consultant at Harvest and Commerce Squared.

Graduating with an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering & Management Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Sander brings two decades of knowledge and experience to the SaaS and e-commerce landscape.

Sander is also a husband, father and biking enthusiast who loves to take on the challenges of pricing strategies and market changes.




Andreas founded Patagona in 2013 with Maximilian Bank in Darmstadt, Germany.

He leads the entire technical team, including the software developers, and determines the speed and prioritisation of the next steps for each project.

Andy loves good food - and knows how to cook well too.




After working as the interim Head of People Operations for a few months at Omnia, Vanessa became our permanent Chief of Operations in 2020. Long before entering the SaaS landscape, Vanessa was only one out of 10 people admitted into the Air Traffic Control traineeship at Schipol Airport, which is where some of her analytical skills were first honed.

Thereafter, her journey in Operations began at Martinair, which is part of KLM. Besides work, Vanessa is a proud wife and mother and enjoys walking and cycling along the canals in Amsterdam.


Berend van

Head of Product

Berend is our Head of Product and a proud father and husband. He has worked in the various departments of the company, making him well-versed in all things Omnia.

Berend has been with Omnia since the very beginning, making him one of the original Omnian team members!


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