Dynamic Marketing

Automatically set optimized bids for all your pay-per-click campaigns

Omnia's Dynamic Marketing is an intelligent bid management tool. The bidding algorithm bases its decisions on a wide variety of data sources and will greatly improve your overall marketing effectiveness.

Intelligent plug and play bidding algorithm

  • The algorithm calculates bids on both internal data (e.g. purchase price, logistics costs) and external data sources (e.g. competitor pricing, Google Analytics data)
  • Bids incorporate product-level online and omni-channel conversion rates by combining views on product detail page from the Google Analytics API with online and offline units sold (internal data which you connect directly to Omnia)
  • By analyzing how well marketing channels are performing compared to each other, Omnia can optimize bids even further to reflect the channel’s quality, ensuring the best bids for each product / channel combination

In combination with Pricewatch, Omnia offers the unique opportunity to incorporate pricing data in the bid calculation

Some possible examples:

  • Increase bids when price ratio is below 0.95 - meaning the product is more than 5% below the competitor average which increases conversion rate
  • Decrease bids when price ratio is higher than 1.20 - meaning the product is more than 20% above the competitor average which decreases conversion rate
  • Increase bids when no competitors are found - this means the product has no direct competitors, increasing the conversion rate

       Learn more about the Pricewatch module

Bids are adjusted to your strategy by Omnia letting you:

  • Set the bid calculation to align with your business goals
  • Choose to let the algorithm aim for driving profit, driving revenue or driving online or omni-channel sales - it’s all easily set up
  • Set different strategies for different product categories, making sure the calculated bids always fit your strategy



A tool that works for you

  • Perform tests on your bids at the product level to optimize even further
  • Let the algorithm set your bids as many times a day as you want - up to once every hour across your full line of products
  • As a user you always control the final calculation: using bid overrides you make sure the bids fit your strategy




Bid Management for Google Shopping

  • Dynamic Marketing has a direct integration with Google Shopping
  • Automatically create ad groups and ads at the product level, based on your product feed
  • Place intelligent bids on products and keywords by combining Omnia Dynamic Marketing with our 5 level campaign structure



Testimonial Dynamic Marketing Omnia Retail - Maayke de Graaff

Maayke de Graaff Online Marketeer at Kleertjes.com

With the use of Omnia we brought feed management within Kleertjes.com to a whole new level. With the use of Dynamic Marketing we realized a large growth in our Google Shopping campaigns, while maintaining the same ROI. The Omnia team is very professional. They are a part of our e-commerce team and quick to assist whenever we have questions. I truly recommend the use of the Omnia solution to any company!

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