Grow your business with dynamic pricing and online marketing automation

Omnia gives you the tools you need to save time, take control of your pricing and online marketing, and grow profitably - all in just a few clicks.



Track and compare your competition's prices to your own, then combine that data with your sales volume, stock, popularity scores, and more.


Dynamic Pricing

Keep your prices relevant with an intelligent algorithm and automated price changes.GET OPTIMIZED PRICES INSTANTLY

Dynamic Marketing

Automatically set data-driven bids at the product level for all your pay per click campaigns.


Full Suite

Integrate pricing and marketing data to discover new ways to grow your business.

Find hidden growth opportunities

5 reasons customers choose Omnia for their retail automation needs

Pricing and marketing integration Icon
Pricing and marketing integration

Pricing and marketing are two halves of a whole. Omnia lets you connect them so you can see the full picture of what's happening in your store then use that information to build a better strategy.

Advanced tooling icon
Advanced tooling

Whether it’s our proprietary algorithm based on price elasticity or the ability to support omnichannel strategies, Omnia’s advanced tools give you the freedom to build the strategy that’s right for you.

Full automation icon
Full automation

Make a plan, tell Omnia your strategy, then let the tool take over the tedious manual labor of calculating the best prices and marketing bids and changing them for each product.

Ease of use
Ease of use

The IT-free setup means that 80% of customers are up and running with the software in one week or less, and a user-friendly portal makes Omnia an easy tool to navigate, whether you’re new to the field or have years of experience.

Retail expertise icon
Retail expertise

Built on 21 years of retail technology software experience and with more than 43 years of retail and strategy consulting knowledge in-house, Omnia’s designed with the unique challenges retailers face in mind.

Who wins with Omnia

Pricing Teams

  • Get the best prices for each product instantly
  • Create data-driven stategies at the product and category level
  • Save 40 hours of work each month

Marketing Teams

  • Organize all your campaigns in one centralized location
  • Automatically push perfectly optimized bids
  • Only advertise on competitive products

Management Teams

  • Unlock new opportunities for profitable growth
  • Get a clear overview of your entire pricing and marketing ecosystem
  • Free your staff from painstaking labor


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