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Omnia helps retailers regain control, save time and drive profitable growth by automating optimal pricing and maximizing returns from online marketing channels

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Reinventing retail

Pricing modules

Omnia provides you with a one-stop-shop for your pricing needs and delivers both pricing data (Omnia Pricewatch module) and advanced software to automate your pricing (Omnia Dynamic Pricing module).

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Accurate and comprehensive  GTN-matched competitor pricing data. Save hours of manual work and gain insights into market dynamics.

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Dynamic Pricing

A powerful end-to-end dynamic pricing solution for high-frequency pricing automation at product level. Lift margins and boost profits.

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Marketing modules

Flexible product feed management and Dynamic Marketing based on omnichannel profit helps online marketers increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. 

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Feed Manager

Full-range channel management software for the creation and optimization of product feeds. Manage all feeds in one place.

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Dynamic Marketing

An intelligent bid management tool that automatically sets optimized bids for all pay-per-click marketing campaigns like Google Shopping.

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Performance module

Ever wondered how pricing and online marketing affect your sales and profit, or how pricing influences your return on ad spend? Start measuring with Omnia's Performance Module.


Combine internal data (such as units sold, price, and margin) with external data (such as competitor prices and data from online marketing channels) to get a clear and complete picture of how your business is doing.

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Why Omnia

Pricing and online marketing are interconnected and should not be managed independently:

Decrease prices or increase marketing spend?

Decrease prices or increase marketing spend?

If you want to increase sales: is it more profitable to increase traffic by reducing price or by increasing your online marketing bids?

Pricing impacts conversion and margin

Pricing impacts conversion rate & margin

Pricing has a direct effect on margin and a strong impact on a product’s conversion rate, both of which are key factors in determining online marketing bids of that product.

Dynamic Pricing improves ROAS

Dynamic pricing improves ROAS

For retailers that use Omnia's dynamic pricing software we typically see improvements of +20% in return on ad spend (ROAS), without changing anything in online marketing.

Marketing costs should influence prices

Marketing cost should influence price points

When determining optimal price points, one should consider all variable costs. This means purchase price (including all conditions), but also logistigs costs and marketing costs per product.

Find out for yourself how pricing and online marketing are connected


Pricing is the #1 factor impacting the online marketing results of product ads on channels such as Google Shopping. More competitive pricing typically increases the chance that customers click on your ad (higher clickthrough rate, or CTR) and the chance that customers actually buy the product (higher conversion rate), making the marketing campaigns more effective. How sensitive CTR and conversion rate are to price changes is determined by the price elasticity of products and differs highly between products and categories. 

Besides the effect pricing has on the efficiency of the marketing campaign, it also decides the level of marketing budget that is available. Being priced more competitively will leave less margin to buy marketing impressions.

Finding the right balance between pricing aggressiveness and marketing spend is a big challenge and differs for each product. Find out for yourself how challenging this is, by changing the selling price, marketing budget and price elasticity in the widget below. Try to find the optimal turnover and profit for both low and high elastic products.

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Omnia grows retailers' sales and profits

Pricing based on price elasticity provides far better results than pricing solely based on business rules

Some examples of how we grew our customers' sales and profits

E-commerce retailer
  • Goal: Sales and profit growth
  • Result:
E-commerce retailer
  • Goal: Maximum sales growth with minimum profit target
  • Result:
Mature omni-channel retailer
  • Goal: Increase profitability
  • Result:
    +20% PROFIT

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Mark Karsten

Mark Karsten Omnichannel Commercial Director - Decathlon

Omnia helped us set up our omnichannel strategy for both pricing and marketing. Their product-focused and data-driven approach allowed us to reach our ambitious growth goals in a highly targeted way. The performance of Omnia exceeded our expectations, both on our marketing and pricing strategy.

Why customers choose Omnia

  1. Beat the competition
    Omnia provides you with the required power and intelligence to beat the competition and grow your business.
  2. Easy-to-use
    Pricing managers and online marketers can use and understand Omnia easily. No help from IT needed.
  3. Save time

    Save hours of manual work checking up on competitors and analyzing data. Let Omnia do the hard work for you.

  4. The cupid between pricing and marketing

    Close the gap between your marketing and pricing departments. Aligning pricing and online marketing has proven to get results.