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Pricing, marketing and promotions are interconnected and should not be managed independently:

Decrease prices or increase marketing spend?

Decrease prices or increase marketing spend?

If you want to increase sales: is it more profitable to increase traffic by reducing price, or by increasing your online marketing bids?

Pricing impacts conversion rate & margin

Pricing impacts conversion rate & margin

Pricing has a direct effect on margin and a strong impact on a product’s conversion rate, both of which are key factors in determining online marketing bids of that product

Dynamic pricing improves ROAS

Dynamic pricing improves ROAS

For retailers that use Omnia's dynamic pricing software we typically see improvements of +20% in return on ad spend (ROAS), without having changed anything in online marketing

Marketing cost should influence price points

Marketing cost should influence price points

When determining optimal price points, one should take into account all variable costs. This means purchase price (including all conditions), but also logistical costs and marketing costs per product

Ensure visibility of promotions

Ensure visibility of promotions

If you promote certain products to drive traffic to your shop, determining the right promo price is key and you want high visibility of those products in all online marketing channels during that promotion

Marketing Module

Product feed management and Dynamic Marketing based
on omni-channel profit

Product feed management and Dynamic Marketing based  on omni-channel profit
Margins vary greatly between products and online marketing campaigns have a significant effect on offline sales. Omnia’s Dynamic Marketing bid management, therefore, is based on omni-channel profit instead of online sales. It also uses product-level conversion rates for its bid calculations. 

Omnia’s marketing module allows retailers to manage marketing channels by using data from multiple sources that Omnia is connected with: internal data, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and other marketing channels, and even sources like the weather forecast. 


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Maayke de Graaff

Maayke de Graaff Online Marketeer at

With the use of Omnia we brought feed management within to a whole new level. With the use of Dynamic Marketing we realized a large growth in our Google Shopping campaigns, while remaining the same ROI. The Omnia team is very professional. They are a part of our e-commerce team and quick to assist whenever we have questions. I truly recommend the use of the Omnia solution to any company!
Pricing Module

Omnia's Dynamic pricing is based on price elasticy of products & accurate pricing data via major comparison shopping engines

Dynamic Pricing
With today’s number of products and volume of price changes, dynamic pricing has become a necessity. We have found repricing based on simple business rules to be dangerous and often driving a retailer’s profits to zero quickly. Omnia’s dynamic pricing system is based on price elasticity of products and not only relieves a retailer from a lot of manual work (and time), but has proven to have huge impact on retailers’ performance. In addition, Omnia’s dynamic pricing software allows retailers to directly manage the trade-off between sales and profits.

Dynamic pricing needs accurate competitor pricing data as input. Omnia has solved this by having realised direct (and often exclusive) data connections with major comparison shopping engines. Via this Pricewatch service we match your assortment on EAN code directly with the databases of those comparison shopping engines multiple times per day, giving you a complete and accurate overview of competitors’ prices on your assortment. Via our comparison shopping engine partners we currently have coverage in 25 countries, including almost all of the developed e-commerce markets. If you are interested in our pricing data you can get a free price match, so you can experience the quality of our data yourself. To receive the sample match please fill in the contact form below.

Some cases:
  • person
    E-commerce retailer
  • Sales and profit growth
  • person
    E-commerce retailer
  • Maximum sales growth with minimum profit target
  • person
    Mature omni-channel retailer
  • Increase profitability
  • +20% PROFIT

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Joost Kerckhaert

Joost Kerckhaert Category Manager at Wehkamp

Wehkamp has been using Omnia since 2013. As category manager Beauty & Health, I see that price elasticity between categories differs substantially. Omnia’s core algorithm allows me to explore the differences in price elasticity much further than traditional dynamic pricing based on simple business rules. Results have been significant: we strongly increased sales, while maintaining profitability.
Promotions Module

Optimal visibility of promotions across all online marketing channels

For many retailers, promotions are a key element of their marketing mix and represent a large part of the total sales. Omnia’s promotion module allows retailers to:
Determine optimal promotional price points

Determine optimal promotional price points

Omnia helps to determine optimal promotional price points, by giving the decision maker all the information that’s needed - both internal information and external information such as competitors price points - in one overview.

Evaluate promotional effectiveness

Evaluate promotional effectiveness

Run smarter and more efficient promotions by evaluating results of previous promotions. With Omnia you can correlate sales and profit results on promoted products - and the spin-off effect on products in the same category- with the price-off level and media support.

Guarantee optimal visibility of promotions

Guarantee optimal visibility of promotions

The combination of Omnia’s Promotions and Marketing module automatically guarantees visibility of price-off promotions across all marketing channels.

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Performance Module

How do pricing and online marketing effect your sales and profit? How does pricing effect your return on ad spend?

Because Omnia combines internal data such as units sold price and margin, with external data, such as prices of competitors and clicks & cost data from online marketing channels, the Performance module gives you a complete picture of how your shop is doing. You can view how pricing and marketing are impacting your sales and profit. For the first time you can also view the impact of pricing on your return on ad spend.

How do pricing and online marketing effect your sales and profit? How does pricing effect your return on ad spend?

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Omnia’s founders have over 30 years of experience in all aspects of retail: software development for retailers, retail strategy consulting and hands-on commercial retail experience.

HERMAN DE JAGER founded his first company Connective Power in 1995, developing an omnichannel commerce platform for retailers when e-commerce just coming up (and before Google was even founded). The Amyx platform is an integrated webshop platform, cash register for physical stores and an ERP system for medium-sized retailers. This lead to great insights into the full spectrum of IT systems for retailers.

SANDER ROOSE gained practical retail experience working within Customer Business Development at Procter&Gamble. After P&G, Sander – together with two former eBay business developers – became owner of online strategy consultancy firm Harvest, which was later acquired by Naspers (OLX). Sander then founded COMMERCE SQUARED , a boutique retail strategy consulting firm focusing fully on digital projects.

The Omnia team combines cutting-edge technical skills of software developers and UX specialists, with the retail experience and data science skills of former strategy consultants. Omnia believes it is still Day 1 in terms of innovative automation within retail.



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