Pricing software designed for brands and D2C

Our pricing software is designed for brands selling through retail partners and those managing their own direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels.

Providing you with a comprehensive solution to understand or grow your platform by keeping track of your product's prices, empowering you to maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

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Solutions for Dynamic Pricing: 

Run your D2C strategy with a goal-oriented solution.

How does Omnia’s pricing software benefit your brand?

  • Utilise software that’s equal to what multinational retailers have been using to meet their commercial goals for years. 
  • Run localised pricing strategies at scale, globally.
  • Combine a broad perspective of the global market, with data and insights with the highest possible coverage of your key competitor's domains, including cross-border assortments.
  • Enjoy the ability to adapt pricing rules and strategies dependent on market specifications in each location or country. 
  • Build and automate any pricing strategy you can think of with our all-new dynamic Pricing Strategy Tree. 
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Reference Case:

Philips is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics brands with a D2C focus. Despite their global success, their pricing strategy and the supporting team were experiencing challenges that affected profit, productivity and long-term success

What were the opportunities Philips wanted to seize on?

  • To grow their D2C channel’s sales and profit 
  • To minimise manual work spent on pricing and to prevent pricing mistakes 
  • To standardise pricing practices and tools across markets to accelerate pricing maturity
  • To avoid insult pricing for customers 
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Enterprise pricing success starts with a pricing partner. How does Omnia Dynamic Pricing work for an enterprise? 

Empowering Enterprise Pricing

  • Our enterprise functionality provides a flexible and scalable pricing platform
  • Consolidate and streamline prices for all SKUs within multiple categories locally and globally
  • Grow your D2C channel by making sure your flagship store's prices move in line with the market
  • Run Dynamic Promotions that can automatically adjust based on sell-through data versus stock levels
  • Avoid insult pricing which often results from maintaining the Recommended Selling Price throughout the entire lifecycle of a product

End-to-end Automation

  • Valuable hours spent manually repricing all products are utilised more productively thanks to full automation possibilities
  • Blending business rules, AI and Machine Learning, automation executes your strategy without manual interference.
  • Using our new Pricing Strategy Tree function for the realisation of all your pricing behaviours, enjoy complete transparency and the highest flexibility over all moving parts.

Quality Data

  • Multiple sources of in-house driven data collection, including, direct scraping, CSE and marketplace data, providing enterprises with a comprehensive pricing game plan.
  • Set a flexible scraping schedule for all market offers, regardless of your competitors, own retailers or reference prices of competitor brands.

One-on-one Support

  • Receive individualised enterprise-level support from our Customer Success team dedicated to maturing your pricing journey.
  • Join thousands of pricing experts who rely on our software and expertise for their business success.

Track and monitor your prices with your
retailer and reseller partnerships

Stay organised and up-to-date on your assortment’s prices to ensure you remain competitive.

Solutions for Price Monitoring: 

Price tracking software gives you the awareness and knowledge needed to maintain eyes on your assortment at retailers and official resellers.

What can Omnia offer brands?

  • Price tracking software that gives you a clear vision of your prices at retailers and resellers. 
  • Pricing data on your assortment so that you are aware of any price changes or promotional activity. 
  • A team of experts dedicated to your pricing strategies for guidance and support.
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Giving you insight to further
expand your pricing knowledge.

Price Monitoring

  • Monitor how many retailers and resellers sell your products.
  • Track the prices of your products at retailers and resellers.
  • Understand how your products are doing in comparison to your competitors.

Seamless Automation

  • Our tracking software works automatically without manual interference.

Customer Success

  • Improve your pricing knowledge and maturity through your partnership with our Customer Success team.
  • Join thousands of pricing experts who rely on our software and expertise for their business success.


Build, understand and automate any pricing strategy you can think of.

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