Repricing with Vergelijk 

Pricing data from Vergelijk: Stay informed on your competitors.

Choose the dynamic pricing partner that provides industry-leading data from Vergelijk, exclusive to Omnia clients.

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Product Details:

Unlike other dynamic pricing providers, Omnia exclusively receives pricing data from Vergelijk, allowing potential customers to receive the highest quality data on their competitors so that they can develop the most informed pricing strategies.

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Omnia is able to:

  • Receive data directly from Vergelijk through an API for 100% correct data.
  • Easily use this data to analyse pricing, competitors or directly for dynamic pricing.
  • Price your assortment to keep you competitive.
  • Use automation for an instantaneous, seamless execution.
  • Help you maintain control by setting pricing rules based on data from Vergelijk.
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Frequently-asked questions

How does Omnia use data from Vergelijk?

In order for Omnia to provide the most accurate, relevant and market-leading pricing strategies for our customers, we have exclusively secured pricing data from Vergelijk that is offered to potential brand and retailer clients. This means that brands and retailers can receive comprehensive data on their competitors from Vergelijk and the market to fully understand what their pricing strategy needs.

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