Google Shopping Dynamic Pricing

A Google Shopping dynamic pricing solution that increases profit, sales and online visibility.

Choose a comprehensive dynamic pricing strategy that prioritises Google Shopping, and all other major marketplace competitors.

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Product Details:

Your pricing blueprint isn’t complete without a pricing solution for your store’s Google Shopping results. As one of the leading marketplaces, your products will naturally compete for sales and attention on Google Shopping.

When competing on a level with thousands of products in one category, a robust pricing strategy is needed to meet and maintain your commercial goals.

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Omnia is able to:

  • Optimise your prices for Google Shopping’s first page and the Google Actions Buy Box.
  • Easily integrate the software into your shop system or ERP system.
  • Correctly price your assortment to keep you competitive.
  • Increase your sales and revenue using Omnia dynamic pricing software.
  • Actively price and reprice multiple times per day as the market changes. This happens within minutes and is automatic.
  • Automate laborious repricing tasks that usually take hours.
  • Help you maintain control by setting and adjusting pricing rules based on Google Shopping prices or other marketplace competitors.
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Frequently asked questions

How does dynamic pricing for Google work?

Our pricing software uses in-house scraping, Machine Learning algorithms and your defined pricing rules to calculate the optimal price for your products. New price recommendations are always based on the most accurate state of the market at any given time and the prices of your competitors or resellers on the same platforms. Price changes may take place multiple times a day to keep you achieving your goals and strategies. The software is easily integrated into your shop or ERP system so that the change is instant and seamless.

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How does the software optimise for the Google Actions Buy Box?

Price is not always the determining factor to win the Google Actions Buy Box, however, it is an important component. Other factors may include a seller’s ratings and delivery history. Our repricing tool includes these factors in the price calculation to determine the maximum price at which you occupy the Google Actions Buy Box.

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