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Solutions for retailers:

Omnia’s pricing software for retailers offers a thorough solution for managing assortments of all sizes, big or small. When your assortment includes up to millions of products and crosses border lines, you need a robust dynamic pricing tool and a dedicated team to execute your pricing strategy.

What can Omnia offer retailers?

  • A sizable solution for any and all pricing strategies for all kinds of assortments across multiple categories and markets.
  • Software that is built for intensive data collection and analysis from multiple sources.
  • A team of experts dedicated to your pricing strategies for guidance and support
  • The ability to adapt, set or change pricing rules based on your competitors or the performance of the market.
  • A full suite of enterprise features, including SSO, User Management and Versioning, necessary for scalability and ease of management.
  • Executive business reviews to analyse and evaluate the results and benefits to unlock further potential growth.
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Your partner in pricing success.

Integrated and Systematic Pricing

  • Consolidate and streamline prices for millions of products and multiple categories locally and globally.
  • Our enterprise functionality provides a flexible and scalable pricing platform.
  • The Omnia platform has all the crucial enterprise features required like Versioning of pricing strategies, Single Sign-On (SSO) and User Management.
  • Individual access rights for specific users/channels/shops/countries.
  • Seamlessly connects any internal data source, such as ERP or SAP.
  • We offer not just pricing domain knowledge, but actual retail-focused insights.

Seamless Automation

  • Manual repricing is a thing of the past thanks to full automation capabilities.
  • Blending business rules, AI and Machine Learning, automation executes your strategy without manual interference.
  • Using our new Pricing Strategy Tree™, for the realisation of all your pricing behaviours, enjoy complete transparency and the highest flexibility over all moving parts.

Vetted, High-quality Data

  • Multiple sources of in-house driven data collection, including direct scraping, CSE and marketplace data, providing enterprises with a comprehensive pricing game plan.
  • Set a flexible scraping schedule for all market offers, regardless of your competitors, own retailers or reference prices of competitor brands.

Customer Success

  • Improve your pricing knowledge and maturity through your partnership with our Customer Success team.
  • Join thousands of pricing experts who rely on our software and expertise for their business success.


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