Exciting news: we're expanding our management team. We're delighted to welcome Nathan Johnstone, Haiko Krumm, and Sjoerd Prins to the leadership team.


Nathan Johnstone, Chief Architect, will be responsible for guiding Omnia’s technical future and ensuring the scalability and stability of the platform. This includes setting technical principles for the company, planning and prioritizing projects, and further developing the Omnia roadmap. Nathan has been with Omnia for one year, and he previously worked at Coolblue for 3 years as a Senior Software Developer and .NET Pathfinder / Architect. 


Haiko Krumm, formerly Director of Customer Success at Omnia, will now serve as the Vice President of Customer Success. In his new role Haiko will lead the Customer Success team to ensure customers get as much value out of the Omnia software as possible. This role is not new to Haiko, who served as the Vice President of Customer Success — and member of the management team — at the SaaS company inSided before joining Omnia.


Sjoerd Prins, previously Senior Business Controller at Omnia, will now serve as Finance Director for the company. In this role, Sjoerd will manage the Omnia Finance team and monitor the financial health of the company. Sjoerd has previously worked as a Financial Controller for ABN AMRO and was a Senior Associate at GE.


“We are extremely excited to welcome Nathan, Haiko, and Sjoerd into the management team,” commented Sander Roose, CEO. “Each brings a unique perspective to the team, as well as years of experience in their respective disciplines. All of them are role models of Omnia’s values ‘Never stop learning,’ ‘Free to be you and me,’ and ‘Obsession with excellence.’”


“We’re happy to have Nathan, Sjoerd, and Haiko join us to make sure all areas of the business are represented within our team," says Andrea Lamelas Puga, COO of Omnia. "Welcome, guys!"