Omnia - university


Exciting news here at Omnia! We’ve just launched a new module: Omnia University.

Omnia University is created with the goal to help everyone in using Omnia to its full potential and to provide our customers and partners with in-depth knowledge and expert opinions about everything related to retail, e-commerce, pricing, marketing, and technology.


What’s new in Omnia University?

  • E-learning resources: Find information about Omnia and how to get started with Omnia.
  • Training courses: Find elaborate training material for pricing, marketing, and reporting.
  • FAQs: Get quick answers to your questions as you search in the most frequently asked questions.
  • Product announcements: Stay up to date about the newest features.
  • Webinars: Gain in-depth knowledge with webinars created by experts.


Where can you find Omnia University?

Log in to your Omnia console to find Omnia University added to the main menu. By clicking the button you’ll be taken to a Zendesk environment where Omnia University is hosted.




Will anything change within the current customer support options?

No. Omnia University is a complementary feature that has been added to the current customer support options. You can still reach us as usual by phone, email and chat for any questions you have.


Next steps

We’re excited to help our customers and partners to get the most out of Omnia, and this is an important first step towards that vision. In the upcoming months, we will develop a complete e-learning environment with an elaborate course library for all users, from beginner to expert.