Press release Omnia Retail - September 2023

Dutch sanitary equipment retailer Saniweb is among the first to go live with a newly developed pricing software version from Omnia Retail, called Omnia 2.0. The company has been developing pricing software for more than 10 years, and Omnia 2.0 marks a revolutionary leap in the development of such software. Saniweb has been using Omnia’s SaaS solution in dynamic pricing for several years, and transitioning to a new application offers benefits for a large business like Saniweb. With Omnia 2.0 providing a large set of features and solutions, both teams are celebrating the achievement of a successful migration.

Kevin Gomers, Webshop Manager at Saniweb notes: “For several years now, Saniweb has been working together with Omnia with great satisfaction. However, our business never stands still. In the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape, you expect the utmost from your partners, including in the area of pricing tools. 

About 2 years ago we got in touch with Omnia’s dedicated Customer Success team, where we provided feedback on capabilities we were still missing for our use cases. They took it upon themselves and earlier this year, they presented Omnia 2.0 to us. It's a platform that allows us to translate our strategies into concrete and understandable pricing rules more easily. It's also a platform that collaborates with us, providing new insights to help us further refine our strategy. 

With our latest webshop,, we immediately embraced the platform and quickly transformed our clear vision into a well-defined pricing policy. We are grateful to Omnia for allowing us to participate in this beta version. In addition to our German webshop, we will also be transitioning and this summer."

For Omnia this marks a big step, as Saniweb is among the first clients to fully transition to the new application. After merging with German pricing software provider Patagona in late 2021, Omnia was working on merging the two technologies into one new-and-improved application. This best-of-breed platform combines the strength of two pricing tools, topped with new, additional features and an improved user interface to better handle dynamic pricing strategies. Omnia is currently in the process of migrating all accounts to the new application, a process that requires planning, in order to guarantee stability in service delivery for its clients. 

For this reason Sander Roose, CEO of Omnia Retail notes: “ I am more than happy to see this first of many migrations to our new application being successful. This proves the additional value Omnia 2.0 provides to our clients and that we are capable to ensure a smooth transition for our customers.”

In addition the combined company has stacked up its team of experts, in order to provide an even better service in dynamic pricing for retail companies. Dedicated Customer Success Managers and a team of Solution Consultants assist Omina’s clients to define and implement successful dynamic pricing strategies.