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A.T. Kearney is a management consulting firm focused on the strategic and operational CEO-agenda issues facing businesses, governments, and institutions around the world.

We're a proud Premier Google Partner with a specialization in Google Shopping and Text Ads - meaning we're continually interacting with and innovating alongside industry giants.

Omnia is a trusted pricing partner for Microsoft clients.

The UK's leading online retail association gives us insights into the consumer market so we can give you a better understanding of what that means for your pricing.

Displaydata is the leader in the design and supply of fully graphic Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), so you can turn your physical store into an agile digital space.

Commercieel Verbeteren helps SMBs boost their commercial strategies based on 10+ years of corporate strategy experience.

Full service internet marketing agency specializing in strategy, online marketing and web development.

Omnia is Intershop's trusted pricing partner

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"The combination of the Omnia software and the partnership with Johan was invaluable. Now we have the knowledge to build and refine a pricing strategy that works for us, but also the tools needed to carry out that strategy efficiently."

Maarten Appelo - Marketing Communication Manager at Profile

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