Gain deep and accurate competitor insights

Complete and accurate pricing data

Gain valuable insights in the retail market and save hours of work with Pricewatch. Receive a complete and accurate overview of product prices and delivery times of competitors together with volume, stock and popularity score of your own products.  Pricewatch has direct (and often exclusive) data connections with major comparison shopping engines. Products are matched on GTIN codes which give accurate data and are updated multiple times per day. The database covers all developed e-commerce markets.

Combine Pricewatch with Feed Manager, and you'll be able to make online marketing decisions based on pricing data: e.g. lower the bids if you have the lowest price in the market.



Uncover market dynamics

Analyze current and past prices at the product level and see how they relate to your price position, stock and volume. Use Pricewatch to gain valuable insights into market dynamics, and see which competitors frequently change prices or how your volume reacts to market changes.


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Do you want to move beyond competitive insights and start with automated pricing?

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