Hewlett-Packard’s Successful Journey with Omnia Retail

HP Inc. is a large multinational technology company. With a portfolio of products and services from personal computing systems to 3D printing systems, the company helps consumers and businesses use technology to improve lives everywhere.
To make the best business decisions, you need clear, accurate data.
In the world of pricing, that means ensuring the product prices your price comparison software gathers matches the figures your customers see on other websites.

This is especially true for brands. When those pricing insights are accurate, you have a clear idea of who sells your product, how much they charge for the product, and what the stock levels look like. With this knowledge you can create a better picture of the market as a whole.

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What were Hewlett Packard's challenges?

But when those pricing insights are inaccurate, you miss a key understanding of the market dynamics. And if you don’t know who is selling your products, you run the risk of letting unknown sellers damage your price perception.

Additionally, if your pricing rules are executing on inaccurate data, it’s impossible to determine if your commercial pricing policy is working. Yves van Knippenbergh knows the value of data better than anyone else. As Head of E-commerce at HP Netherlands, Yves depends on accurate data to build strategies. In fact, Yves values data so much that he even tested two different price comparison engines: Omnia, and another price comparison source.

What was the solution

In cross-checking Omnia’s data collection with the competitor’s, Yves found some prices didn’t match. “When I double checked the pricing data between the two sources, Omnia’s prices were always accurate,” Yves commented. “I came to rely on Omnia’s data to make business decisions.”

“Pricing data goes beyond direct sales,” Yves said. “It also gives insights to the rest of the team, so it’s critical that the data is accurate.” Omnia’s data quality is part of the reason Yves and HP have been happy customers for more than 5 years, and why HP is excited about future possibilities.

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Staying ahead of a constantly changing e-commerce environment

The recent pandemic and the ensuing worldwide surge in e-commerce demand took everybody by surprise. The rapidly changing conditions in the market showed how important automated decision-making is in today’s world and has provided a glimpse into the future.

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