Try Omnia Retail

Omnia’s demo isn’t just another product tour. Instead, we connect your feeds to our competitor database for two weeks and receive real data and competitor insights, which you can use freely to build a better pricing strategy.

Omnia’s free trial is perfect if you are an enterprise sized company looking for real competitor pricing data, full end-to-end automation of your pricing strategy and wants to save 10 hours of time per week. 

Our prices depend on a number of variables, including the size of your organization, assortment, and which combination of our products you’re interested in. Together with your input we can create a tailored proposal of your investment.


We are a one-stop-shop for competitor data, market insights, and dynamic pricing. We automate your entire pricing process. 


Our customer success and consultancy model means we guide customers through the journey of adopting dynamic pricing.


We pull pricing data from multiple sources, ensuring accurate, comprehensive coverage of the global marketplace.


We prioritize flexibility for our users: pricing teams can implement pricing rules without needing any coding skills.

I wouldn't want to work at a company without Omnia.

FLORIAN FISCHER Strategic Purchasing SE