Price Points Live 2024

From Insight To Action

Amsterdam, a renowned hub of innovation and global business, recently hosted the latest edition of Price Points Live.

This full-day event, held on the 7th of March, illuminated the ever-evolving world of eCommerce with a focus on transparency.


Natalie Berg

Natalie Berg is a successful podcast host, author and speaker on all things e-commerce and retail in the 21st century. She focused her discussion on how brands and enterprises have had to evolve from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and, as we advance, what strategies and elements will be most important for staying relevant, understanding the customer and improving points of friction.

Dr Doug Mattheus

Dr Doug Matteus is a veteran expert in branding consulting for brands and companies around the world. Sharing examples from his own life and work, Doug shared his top factors for brand success and what he believes is vital for brand building.

Cor Verhoeven

Acting as Bol’s Group Product Manager, specialising in pricing and assortment insights, Cor Verhoeven shared specifically how Bol tackles bad prices on the platform and what the negatives are for a marketplace or e-commerce brand when its prices are too high or low. Cor also gave us insight on Bol’s mechanism for how the platform decides on what is an allowable price if it has no benchmark.

Sander Roose

Omnia Retail CEO and Founder Sander Roose joined our panel to discuss the exciting launch of Omnia 2.0, the company’s new pricing platform. Sander shared what he believes are the design principles and the three factors of successful dynamic pricing. He also shared the key elements of Omnia 2.0 - flexibility and transparency - and how these factors are present in the many new features for its customers.

Prof. Hermann Simon

Founder of Simon Kucher, author and global pricing expert Prof. Hermann Simon shared what he believes are the defining factors of successful brands and companies, specifically the hidden champions in a number of retail verticals. He shared how globalisation leads to revenue and growth and how proximity (closeness to customer) is a key factor in the success of these hidden champions. He also shared the association between value and price and how this must factor into decision-making.

Gerrie Smits

Gerrie Smits is a consultant, speaker, and author on customer-centricity in business and how to make the corporate world a little more human. Through his experience with companies, Gerrie shares the issues and pain points his clients have experienced and how to address them. 

Price Points Live 2024 Speakers


Retail Analyst | Author | Podcast Host

Natalie is a dynamic voice in the evolving world of global retail, offering a unique perspective on the blend of brick-and-mortar with digital shopping experiences. Fuelled by her passion, she digs deep into how businesses can elevate their customer journeys. She's the proud co-author of two groundbreaking books on the subject, including the notable Amazon: How the World's Most Relentless Retailer Will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce. As the host of the Retail Disrupted podcast, Natalie sparks conversations that matter, setting the stage as a go-to keynote speaker in retail-focused conferences. You may have seen her on platforms like the BBC, Bloomberg, and Sky News, or read her insightful columns in Retail Week and Forbes. Beyond the spotlight, she's an invaluable member of the KPMG/RetailNext Retail Think Tank, analyzing and dissecting the pulse of UK's retail landscape.
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Dr. Doug

Business Consultant | Adjunct University Marketing Professor | Executive Education Facilitator

Dr. Doug Mattheus is an accomplished business executive, consultant, facilitator, and Adjunct Marketing Professor at the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. With over 35 years of experience in a range of industries, and an International Member of The Marketing Society UK, Institute of Directors UK and The Reinvention Academy, he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He is adept at consulting on all aspects of Marketing, including Brand, Sponsorship, CSI, Product, and Retail, and harbors a special interest in Challenger Brands - those companies and brands that are ready to challenge the status quo and bring innovative benefits to consumers.
His professional acumen is further enhanced by a Doctorate in Business from the University of Phoenix, USA, showcasing his deep commitment and understanding of the business world.
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Group Product Manager at bol.

Cor Verhoeven is a Group Product Manager at one of Europe's largest marketplaces, bol., specialising in pricing and assortment insights. Cor studied at both Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Radboud University, completing his Masters in Business Administration and Strategy. Cor is bringing his entrepreneurial spirit and his 10+ years of e-commerce, product management and marketplace experience to Price Points Live.
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Founder & CEO

Sander Roose, Founder and CEO of Omnia Retail, is a seasoned retail expert and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in retail and e-commerce. He holds a MSc degree in Industrial Engineering & Management Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he graduated cum laude. After starting his career at Procter&Gamble, Sander has become an entrepreneur: Harvest (acquired by OLX, part of Naspers), Commerce Squared (e-com strategy consultant), and now Omnia Retail.
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Prof. Hermann

Founder & Honorary Chairman Simon-Kucher

Prof. Hermann Simon, founder and Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher; Partners, is a globally recognized pricing and growth consultancy expert and author of over 40 books, including bestsellers on hidden champions—a term he introduced in 1990. His recent works include "Hidden Champions in the Chinese Century" (2021) and "Beating Inflation" (2022). With a teaching career spanning prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT from 1979 to 1995, Simon has received multiple honorary doctorates and professorships. He's also celebrated in the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame and has significantly impacted the business and academic world, including founding a business school in China and initiating Germany's first SPAC and search fund.
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Author | Facilitator | Speaker

Gerrie has 25 years of experience in industries that got disrupted by the internet, which makes him a hands-on expert in dealing with the impact of 'digital'. Through his talks and workshops he's inspired and helped a variety of clients, ranging from FMCG corporates to AI start-ups, from government agencies to the World Chambers Congress.

In times of hyper-fast tech developments, digital transformation and permachange, there is one solid, constant element: the customers. Also known as: people. And it’s the companies that truly understand their customers that will outlive any tech hype or (terrible word alert) disruption. The key thing to being successful in these challenging times is putting the customer central. But customer centricity is not defining a socio-demographic target audience but truly understanding the needs of the people you work for.
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