Pricetracer, an easy-to-use flexible pricing tool, providing control, analytics and knowledge to brands within the world of e-commerce from the new European market leader in pricing software.

This Tuesday, Omnia Retail announced its launch of a new product offering for e-commerce focused brands and manufacturers: Pricetracer. 

"Pricetracer is a real innovation in the market for price optimisation software."

The new software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a tailored made product servicing the needs of brands in the fast moving e-commerce industry. It enables brands to systematically track their product prices and retailer network across all markets in Europe. Andreas Frankenberger, CTO at Omnia, points out that: “With the decision to develop a stand-alone product like Pricetracer, we respond to the increased need for marketing and account managers of brands and manufacturers to systematically gather and analyse pricing data. All pricing tools in the market are primarily designed for retailers. In that sense, Pricetracer is a real innovation in the market for price optimisation software.

After joining forces in November 2021, the release of Pricetracer marks a major achievement for Omnia Retail and Patagona. Sander Roose, CEO of Omnia, comments: “It is great to see the combined company working on common projects right from the start. The Pricetracer is a great addition to our product portfolio, adding more value to our service, especially for our brand and manufacturing clients.” 

Pricetracer is a self-explanatory and easy-to-use tool. Starting with the Setup, users can implement the whole process independently. They also benefit from a flexible and transparent cost structure and have full control over all aspects of their monthly costs: selecting markets, uploading products and setting the monitoring frequency. Pricetracer enables the user to track price changes, compare price levels against the benchmark while identifying price leaders. 

New European market leader within the pricing software SaaS market.

With constant product innovation, shared knowledge and gained expertise from Omnia and Patagona, along with some of the world's biggest brands, positions this front runner as the new European market leader within the pricing software SaaS market.