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We’re happy to announce, that the website is now also part of the Omnia world. 

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Stronger Together:

In 2021, Omnia and Patagona joined forces to forge a new way forward, taking the best of both companies and developing a best-in-breed product offering. This has now become a reality as our dedicated teams have been working behind the scenes for the past year and a half on several key projects, including the creation of our unified, brand new website.

So, what does this mean for you as our valued user?

Single Point of Connection

Our new website will serve as your one-stop source for content and customer service. From the start, you find everything here: our latest blog posts, case studies and our soon-to-be-launched e-commerce glossary.

The knowledge section will cover a wide range of topics, from industry news in retail to strategies for implementing a 'high-runner strategy in a direct-to-consumer environment' and much more. 

  • Pricemonitor Support
  • Pricemonitor Login
  • How-to Articles & Knowledge Base
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a specific link or documentation?

It’s all here, right there. You will also find the 'Patagona' terms and conditions you have accepted for review, the usual link to the knowledge base and the ticket system.

Customer Login Pricemonitor

  • Login with your credentials to your customer Pricemonitor Account as usual.
  • You forgot your password? Use the password reset button.

Pricemonitor Support

  • You need help? Easily raise a Pricemonitor Support request from several options provided via te help center.
  • You can raise a support ticket request also via sending your request via

Support & How-To

  • In our knowledge base you will find useful how-to articles that explain the Pricemonitor in detail.
  • Set up article import via CSV feed
  • Available columns in price feeds
  • No recommended price for an article
  • Set up and manage retailer filters
  • Available portals
  • Step-by-Step Guide

Terms and Conditions

  • General Terms and Conditions can be found here.
  • Please note that the following terms and conditions may only apply to you if you are a customer of a Patagona GmbH service.
  • For questions or in doubt whether these GTC apply to you, please reach out to us.

Do you already know our How-To Videos?

The how-to videos are short episodes that explain the basic functions of Pricemonitor

Intro (German)

Dashboard (German)

Price Advices (German)


Frequently asked questions

See if we already have the answer to your question.

How can I login to my Pricemonitor Account?

You can login via with your credentials.
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How do I set up the article import via CSV feed?

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What columns are available for my pricing feed?

Here is a list for all available columns fpr your pricing feed:

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Do you have a Setup Guide?

In this article we will give you an overview of the functions and possible settings of the Pricemonitor.

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What portals/domains do you support at the moment?

Here you will find a list of portals that can be queried by the Pricemonitor.

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Any questions left? 

Drop us a message now.