Execute your D2C strategy with confidence

Pricing software for brands selling through retail whilst operating their own direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel.

Grow your D2C platform by monitoring your product’s prices at retailers and resellers and automating your D2C channel pricing strategies with up-to-date pricing data. 

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Solutions for D2C:

Run your D2C strategy with a goal-oriented solution.

How does Omnia’s pricing software benefit your brand?

  • Utilise software that’s equal to what multinational retailers have been using to meet their commercial goals for years. 
  • Run localised pricing strategies at scale, globally.
  • Combine a broad perspective of the global market, with data and insights with the highest possible coverage of your key competitor's domains, including cross-border assortments.
  • Enjoy the ability to adapt pricing rules and strategies dependent on market specifications in each location or country. 
  • Build and automate any pricing strategy you can think of with our all-new dynamic Pricing Strategy Tree. 
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Reference Case:

Philips is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics brands with a D2C focus. Despite their global success, their pricing strategy and the supporting team were experiencing challenges that affected profit, productivity and long-term success

What were the opportunities Philips wanted to seize on?

  • To grow their D2C channel’s sales and profit 
  • To minimise manual work spent on pricing and to prevent pricing mistakes 
  • To standardise pricing practices and tools across markets to accelerate pricing maturity
  • To avoid insult pricing for customers 
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Enterprise pricing success starts with a pricing partner. How does Omnia Dynamic Pricing work for an enterprise? 

Empowering Enterprise Pricing

  • Our enterprise functionality provides a flexible and scalable pricing platform
  • Consolidate and streamline prices for all SKUs within multiple categories locally and globally
  • Grow your D2C channel by making sure your flagship store's prices move in line with the market
  • Run Dynamic Promotions that can automatically adjust based on sell-through data versus stock levels
  • Avoid insult pricing which often results from maintaining the Recommended Selling Price throughout the entire lifecycle of a product

End-to-end Automation

  • Valuable hours spent manually repricing all products are utilised more productively thanks to full automation possibilities
  • Blending business rules, AI and Machine Learning, automation executes your strategy without manual interference.
  • Using our new Pricing Strategy Tree function for the realisation of all your pricing behaviours, enjoy complete transparency and the highest flexibility over all moving parts.

Quality Data

  • Multiple sources of in-house driven data collection, including, direct scraping, CSE and marketplace data, providing enterprises with a comprehensive pricing game plan.
  • Set a flexible scraping schedule for all market offers, regardless of your competitors, own retailers or reference prices of competitor brands.

One-on-one Support

  • Receive individualised enterprise-level support from our Customer Success team dedicated to maturing your pricing journey.
  • Join thousands of pricing experts who rely on our software and expertise for their business success.


Build, understand and automate any pricing strategy you can think of.

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