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Price Points EP 1: What Do Brands Need for a Successful D2C Strategy?

What do brands need for a successful D2C strategy? Learn more in this interview with Jasper Wiercx, Solutions Consultant at Omnia Retail.

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Price Points EP 2: Why Should Brands Differentiate Their Assortments?

How important is a brand's assortment to its D2C strategy? In this interview with Hidde Roeloffs Valk from Omnia Retail, we dive into assortments and uncover how they are an essential tool in modern e-commerce strategy.

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Price Points EP 3: Risks and Rewards of Dynamic Pricing

What are the risks and rewards of dynamic pricing, and how can you tip the scales towards reward? Travis Rice explains all in this episode of Price Points.

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Price Points EP 4: Maintaining Organizational Clarity around Dynamic Pricing

What's the top trick to getting the most out of dynamic pricing? Communication. In this episode Gijs Schuringa explains why organizational clarity and communication is crucial to dynamic pricing success, and gives you actionable ways to ensure you have organizational alignment.

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Price Points EP 5: Building vs. Buying a Dynamic Pricing Solution

Thinking of building your own dynamic pricing solution in-house? Product Manager Berend van Niekerk tells you everything you need to know for your solution to be a success.

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