Berend van Niekerk

Articles of Berend van Niekerk

Berend started working at Omnia Retail as a Consultant and Product Manager four years ago. He holds a MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Groningen.

What Do You Need to Build a Dynamic Pricing Solution?

Something we see often, especially from larger clients, is a desire to build a dynamic pricing solution ...

Price: The Most Important P in the Marketing Mix

This article was last updated on December 19th, 2018   In school, we learn that there are 7 Ps in the ...
READ MORE Added as Exclusive Data Partner

We are happy to announce that we have added as a pricing data partner for the Netherlands and ...

Will the EU Limit Google Shopping? Use this 5-Level Campaign Structure to Maximize Your Traffic Share

Google Shopping has been thriving over the few last years and on average retailers are already spending over ...

Product Update: Improved Console Speed and Faster Channel Exports

After launching Omnia last year, we have been grown rapidly and already 12.5 million products run through ...

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