After launching Omnia last year, we have been grown rapidly and already 12.5 million products run through Omnia's Dynamic Pricing and Marketing processes every hour. Our focus has been on supporting this growth and developing new functionalities so that our customers can perform all desired actions for their entire product range. 


However, the combination of this rapid growth in both functionalities and products has caused some processes to take longer than might be expected. That's why we've spent a lot of time accelerating various screens and processes within Omnia over the last 2 months. Most likely you have already noticed the speed improvement in the console, but we would also like to inform you via this newsletter about improvements in 3 other area's.


1. Loading times console screens

To our great satisfaction, all settings in Omnia are used quite extensively. So much so, however that sometimes more than a 100 marketing channels, field-mappings and/or pricing strategies are entered into Omnia, by one givin retailer.


To ensure that the screens keep functioning properly with all these settings, we have greatly accelerated the load times of the screens below. This allows you to quickly navigate through the screens and adjust settings instantly and easily.


Screens with improved load times:


  1. Marketing Channels & Reports overview
  2. Mapping of all fields in the three different sections:
    • Connect > Import Mapping
    • Marketing > Channels > Mapping
    • Reports > Mapping
  3. Pricing > Settings > Strategies
  4. Pricing > Settings > Actions


2. Speed of running marketing channels and reports

When updating marketing channels and reports, the update sometimes had to wait in line for other processes to finish. Consequently, it could take quite long before the channel was updated and one could verify the new settings.


In order to provide faster feedback on manual changes, we have given priority to the export channels that are run manually. The export starts to update immediately after clicking the "run now" button and after a few moments, the exports can be checked, modified if needed, and re-run.

Marketing Channel Omnia - Run Now

3. Pricewatch exports are finished earlier

Due to the ever-increasing number of unique products in Omnia, we need to collect more and more price data from our data partners.


Together with our various data partners we have been able to speed up these data connections. In addition, the data processing within Omnia has been optimized and the processing power is further expanded.


The result: tens of millions of competitor prices are delivered well within the agreed times!

Pricewatch export times - 4 runs

We hope that these speed improvements will make working within Omnia even easier and more effective. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions, by email ( or call +31 (0) 35 699 02 22.