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Margin vs revenue: how to stay competitive and profitable?
Everyday low pricing is no longer a sustainable business model. In most categories, margins are too small. Setting the lowest price for every product spells bankruptcy. Even in categories with healthy margins, margins ...
Pricing Strategies
Business Guide to Predatory Pricing
In 2010, gained momentum with its combination of e-commerce and pricing. Rumours report that Amazon previously tried to buy the diaper ...
Pricing Strategies
What is MAP Pricing?
A fundamental part of e-commerce (or really commerce itself) is the idea of competition. Competition is healthy and is the key thing that protects ...
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About Omnia
Meet the Team: Martijn Crooijmans
In this edition of Meet the Team we have Martijn Crooijmans in the starring role. Martijn is one of our fresh Junior Consultants within our new ...
2 min
Amazon is closing in on Dutch competitors
In short: Web giant Amazon is putting Dutch web stores under pressure with rock bottom prices. Thousands of popular products are 7% to almost 18% ...
5 min min
Holiday Playbook 2020
E-retail sales eclipsed $3.5 trillion in 2019 and Cyber Monday sales hit 9.4 billion. The ecommerce trend continues to dazzle retailers who are ...
Holiday Playbook 2019
When it comes to Black Friday, your price matters a lot. In fact, according to Google, pricing and promotions are 13% more influential in the week ...
About Omnia
Omnia's Customer Success Philosophy
Set up for success. Yes, product is important. But what matters more is how the product helps you reach your goals. That’s why at Omnia, in addition ...

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